Though we've tried to make Bespoke as intuitive as possible, we know you've still got unanswered questions... If you can't find what you're looking for here, you can visit our Knowledge Base or give us a shout at info@bespoke-app.com!

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Is Bespoke for me?

If you're a creative that engages with visual content on a daily basis to gather ideas for new projects, build concepts for current projects & collaborate with clients and creative teams, then yes-- we're for you!  Bespoke is for graphic designers, fashion designers, stylists, art directors, creative directors, agencies, freelancers, event planners & photographers, just to name a few.

If you love Instagram, Tumblr & Pinterest because they're so visual, and hate typical content management platforms because they're not, then we're for you.

If you suffer from JPD (Jackson Pollack Desktop) and you've got images scattered by the thousand across your desktop, email, cloud storage (besides random magazine clippings you're still hoarding), then we're for you.

If you love user-curated, design-forward, intuitive products with great brand and creative people behind them, then we're for you.

If you're a freelancer, a small creative business, or a creative team working within a larger company, we're for you.

If you need to communicate with clients, potential clients, creative teams or multiple vendors, we're for you.

If you're a creative, and believe technology should liberate creativity, not complicate it, well-- welcome home.


Where can I download Bespoke?

Bespoke is now available on the Apple App Store for iPad & iPhone. Don't forget to download our web clipper extensions as well (for Safari, Firefox & Chrome) so you can save even when you're working on your laptop/desktop!


How is it different than Pinterest?

Bespoke is not another social media app.  It's not an e-commerce platform, and never will be.  Bespoke is a productivity platform built by creatives, for creatives.  We've designed an intuitive, beautiful browsing experience that puts everything you need to find, save & share ideas at your fingertips. 

We know that our users are drawn to Pinterest, Tumblr & Instagram because of their visual engagement. But that's simply not enough.  Creative professionals need tools that are built for them & combine all their needs in a holistic platform. The best part? You can access all those favorite sites from Bespoke!


Are you trying to replace other browsers like Safari & Chrome?

The creative process is fragmented-- it's our mission at Bespoke to bring it all together. We consider Bespoke a 'creative browsing experience'-- we know you browse the web every day looking for inspiration, project ideas, and visual content-- so we've put everything you need to save & share ideas into a single platform. Our in-app browser is built on top of Safari for now.  Who knows where the future will lead... 


How much does it cost?

We're trying to keep things as simple as possible!  Currently, Bespoke for iPad is $9.99, and Bespoke Lite for iPhone is free (these prices will rise slightly in early 2015, so get on board now!).  Keep an eye out for our subscription-based Pro Tools, launching in a few months.  


What about agencies & larger enterprise companies?

We <3 creative businesses, big & small. If you need a white labeled, custom version of Bespoke, or have over 20 on your team, email us at info@bespoke-app.com for a custom proposal.


Are you available for Android or Windows Phone?

Our hearts belong to Apple, but we'll plan to expand to additional platforms over time.  


I still do my 'real work' from my computer. Is there a desktop version available?

We believe strongly in mobile first, which means at launch we'll be mobile only.  But fear not!  Our desktop based 'Pro Tools' will be available in early 2015 by monthly subscription. Some features will include adding your brand elements to books, custom layouts, upload of larger files & varying file types and additional export options.

BUT... make sure you've got our web clipper downloaded to your laptop/desktop so you can easily save anything you find on the web while browsing.


Can I upload my own images to Bespoke?

Currently, you can upload images & video from your camera roll on iPhone or iPad to your Bespoke books.  


What about other file types, or larger photo images?

We're working on our web-based 'Pro Tools', which will allow you to upload different file types (Word, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc) to your Bespoke books. Our monthly newsletters will update you on our progress, but we're hoping to have these options available by early 2015. 


Will my clippings & images be saved on my device or in the cloud?

All of your Bespoke content will be saved in the cloud so it can be synced between iPad & iPhone.  We're considering adding offline viewing as part of our Pro Tools.  We'd love your feedback on how important this feature would be! 


Is there a storage limit on how much I can save to my books?

Currently, there is not a storage limit for iPad & iPhone, since everything saved is either clipped from the web or uploaded from your camera roll, and those file sizes are generally small.  When our Pro Tools launch, you'll be able to pay a monthly subscription to upload multiple file types and larger image files, with access to more storage space.


If my client is not a Bespoke user, how can I share with them?

Good news!  Even if your client or creative colleague isn't a Bespoke user (yet), you'll be able to share clippings and books with them via email & our web viewer.  Hopefully that teaser will be enough to get them to bite the bullet, get on board, and have access to all of our sharing and collaboration features!


How do you communicate with people who are users of Bespoke?

You can easily connect with clients & colleagues by using their name and email address.  Once you've connected to a collaborator, you can share a clipping or a book with them and create favorites (your design team, members of a particular client team, PR outreach, etc) to make it even easier to share over and over again.  Once you're connected to another Bespoke user, you can have a running comment thread right inside the book you're working on.  Comment on an entire book, or a clipping in a book.  Goodbye email black hole!


Who curates the Bespoke Stream?

The Bespoke stream is currently a mishmash of our favorite blogs & creative wanderings.  It's curated by our founders, Michele & Francesco.  Over time, you'll start to see exclusive content on creative people, places & things, created by us (which doesn't hurt when your founders are also Films by Francesco).  


Why Bespoke Atelier?

Bespoke is your curated web.  Bespoke, because it's custom to you-- as the creative, you know what you want & where to find it, so every Bespoke account is tailored to its user.  Atelier, because it's a digital workshop of sorts-- a place for you to find, save & share your ideas.


Your brand is really beautiful-- who designed it?

We're lucky to have some amazing, passionate & talented forces on our side-- Eric Kass of Funnel created all the brand elements, as well as the UI/UX (along with Francesco, our co-Founder).  Glen Allsop, our #tierone photographer shot all of the brand photos right here in uber creative NYC. That girl in many of the photos is the lovely Erin-- she's kind of like our own personal Neutrogena girl-- the face of Bespoke. We love her. Our founder Michele just wishes she had legs that long...