Life is good. Life is hard. These two truths are unrelated.
— Stacy Morrison, 'Falling Apart in One Piece'

We love film and family, tech and travel.  We like our plates full, will sleep when we're dead, and would spend our last $5 on the best meal in town.  He's the 'Why & the What' and I'm the 'How & the When'. We're a perfect team, and a party of three, and we're doing big things, trying not to sweat the small stuff.

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Michele Spiezia, Founder & CEO

I'm an inherent doer, self starter and productivity addict. I love lists. I'm the butterfly net that catches Francesco's ideas & brings them to life, and the gas in the tank that keeps us on the move.

I skipped a grade in middle school, went to college while I was in high school, and left home at 17 to put myself through undergrad at NYU.

I was the waitress that met the tomato boy at the farm stand in Union Square, and started making big plans-- Austin, Palm Beach, then back to New York.  A film company, the wonder boy (pictured with me, right), and a few stray cats along the way.

I learned from having to do things on my own that I could do anything I wanted to.  If you ask me, 'serial entrepreneur' is an understatement. 

A writer at heart, a leader by trade, I took experiences in art, culture, and food into the world of cinematography, making Films by Francesco the best in the industry, editing documentaries for the former CFO of Warner Bros. & Sirio Maccioni of Le Cirque, and shooting the weddings of Nicole Richie, Blake Shelton, LeBron James, and Chelsea Clinton.

Let's see what I can do with this little thing called Bespoke.

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Francesco Spiezia, Founder

If I'm the doer, Francesco is the dreamer. 

Born and raised in New York City’s West Village, his view is keenest from 10,000 feet. He has 27 new ideas a day, and has a knack for predicting the technological future.

A lifelong member of the 'cult of Apple', film and tech are his biggest passions. His ability to bring together art & technology, predict how and why people will use new products, and where the technological compass is pointing are uncanny. I've never met anyone who 'gets it' about emerging technologies like he does.

He's the artist behind the camera, and the best dad on the scene who doesn't mind helping with the housework while I'm out pounding the pavement for Bespoke.